The EU has never been a European solidarity organisation. The European peoples must create their own unity

Lorenzo Fioramonti Crises, sale like those gripping Europe, tend to expose the process and practice of regional governance as technocratic and elite-driven. But citizens and civil society may well demand more voice and power, in a ‘politicisation’ of regions. In a globalizing world, where old and new evolutions challenge traditional decision making and (nation) states find it […]

Rise of Neoliberal and Undemocratic Europe

Did fiscal irresponsibility cause the EU crisis? Are European institutions democratically accountable? Is the European Commission politically neutral? Check out TNI’s debates with a representative of the European Commission. Read the full article here. From Maastricht to the Fiscal Treaty. An interview with Susan George: “We are punishing the innocent, hospital the people who are supposed to […]

Neoliberal Europe vs. Social Europe: Can the EU be changed from within?

People’s SAARC Assembly Thiruvanathapuram Declaration People’s Movements Uniting South Asia 9 November 2011 We, rx the participants of the People’s SAARC India Assembly 2011 met in Thiruvanathapuram on 8-9 November 2011 to affirm our commitment to justice, peace and democracy in the region. We also affirm and commit ourselves to the vision of an alternative […]