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Jan 10, 2015

"We have to be more direct in the educational system," he said. "It must not be allowed that the street teaches children about intimate matters, and that they are later slapped by life."

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Opinion polls show most Greeks do not want snap elections, and in the corridors of parliament the mood among deputies in the ruling coalition was visibly improved. But the outcome remains finely balanced.

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Mr Modi's ministerial colleagues have said that the government does not support forced conversions, but the opposition MPs have now protested for days in parliament, demanding a statement from the prime minister.

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"Applying for a loan,like any contract, means entering into a relationship. We actually callthe members of our lending team ”relationship managers’ because in any goodrelationship, there is honest communication and discussion," says MartyGallagher, executive vice president and chief credit officer at Beneficial Bank,headquartered in Philadelphia. "This is a process we’re entering together,and we want to make sure there is a healthy conversation about goals so we canfind a way to accomplish them responsibly.”