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Jan 10, 2015

The play occurred when Wall was attempting to drive toward the basket. Acy basically ran his body into Wall to prevent him from getting to the rim. Wall responded by shoving the Knicks forward, who proceeded to seemingly throw a punch that resulted in Acy being thrown out and Wall being assessed a technical foul.

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It is probably a good thing Brian Cashman has the security of a new three-year contract and unwavering support from Hal Steinbrenner because after all his head-scratching moves so this offseason the Yankee GM has taken some huge gambles, which belie the organization’s long held win-now, World Series or bust philosophy.

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Moral issues are subtle and complex, or else we still wouldn’t be having debates over them. Virtually everyone recognizes, for instance, that murder is wrong; research tells us that such deep moral perceptions appear to be “hard-wired” into us. But moral reasoning becomes more difficult, and more open to debate, precisely when reasoning is called for. Is it acceptable to kill someone in order to save another? What about to save five others? What if the person you kill is Hitler? Circumstances matter to most people in making moral decisions, and these circumstances can be assessed differently by each of us. There is room for disagreement on moral matters.