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Jan 10, 2015

Kim Song, a North Korean diplomat to the United Nations, condemned the release Wednesday, calling the movie an "unpardonable mockery of our sovereignty and dignity of our supreme leader." But Kim said North Korea will likely limit its response to condemnation, with no "physical reaction."

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Sprint Corporation (S) finished up today at $4.34 with a volume of 7,809,002 shares, changing by 3.58% ( 3.330% change from open) with a profit margin of -5.50%. The return on investment for Sprint Corporation (S) is currently 0.60% and Sprint Corporation (S)’s weekly performance is 5.54%. Sprint Corporation (S)’s monthly performance stands at -14.31% with current market cap of 16,575.60million and insider ownership of 0.10% in the Technology sector of the Wireless Communications industry. We give this an analyst recommendation of 2.70 for tomorrow (Scale = 5 Strong Sell – 3 Neutral – 1 Strong Buy)

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Stoehr's story spread after her son Harlan, 85, went to a Verizon store to buy a phone for his mother. When she had trouble joining Facebook, she wrote the company a letter that included the line, "I'm still here."

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- Paula Deen, who had an epically bad 2013, tried to reform her image in 2014, appearing on the “Today” show to discuss her use of racial epithets, as well as launch the digital subscription site Paula Deen Network.

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That’s a good lesson for both political parties in Congress as they take a holiday breather before returning to a rejiggered Capitol, one in which Republicans will have an expanded majority in the House and a new majority in the Senate. The best that could happen is that the shake-up (not to mention the focus away from congressional and Senate elections and toward the 2016 presidential election) will free lawmakers to be a tad more cooperative with each other. The worst that could happen is to have each party mimic the bad behavior of its opposition.

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Notably absent from the celebrating is Colt's Manufacturing Co. The company remains based in Connecticut, where it and other gun makers have said they were left feeling unwelcome by a strict gun control law adopted after of the 2012 Newtown elementary school shooting.

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Oh, boy, did Ubisoft take heat for the early glitches of AC: Unity. But don’t let that obscure how much fun this game is, either, or how vast and engaging its version of Paris can be. Patches have cleaned up many of the issues, too.

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Ultimately it is your life, your decisions. No one wants to look back and wish they had done something that they no longer have the chance to do. So be proactive, be different, be bold More often than not, stepping out of the graduate rat race and taking a detour opens up more doors and presents you with more opportunities than you ever imagined, bringing you right to where you want to be.