Jan 10, 2015

Officers would wait for specific reports of crimes taking place, then race to the scene — with their windows up to avoid being deafened by their own sirens — to mitigate the problem within minutes. Once order was restored, they would return to their standard positions.

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"These visual cues have got to have some kind of rock; white areas of snow are no good to us because obviously they can change and they're not easy to identify. We need stable areas like mountain peaks," explained Dr Clarke.


“A charge is paid in that financial year on the valuation on a date in that year. We will be clear what we are going to do in our manifesto. No one will have any doubt about our intentions. “I am sure that the Treasury will be gearing up to make sure we can deliver this. As a backstop, we will legislate for the mansion tax to start in the following financial year 2016-17.”

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"The digital technology we use on a daily basis shapes the sensory processing in our brains—and on a scale that surprised us," Arko Ghosh, a neuroscientist from the University of Zurich in Switzerland, said in a statement. Ghosh, noticing the ubiquity of smartphones, was interested in analyzing how constant finger movements on the screen was reflected in brain activity.