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Jan 10, 2015

It was the year that we landed on a comet and launched a new era in NASA space exploration, turned to science to find a possible cure for Ebola, made robots and drones topics of everyday conversation and watched as Silicon Valley continued its rapid transition to the wearable computing revolution. The year's big start-up was Uber, which seemed to dominate tech headlines globally for reasons good and bad, while established Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook generated attention for their visionary plans to get every human in the world online.


Mr Kikwete, in a televised address, said the government was still investigating allegations of impropriety against Energy and Minerals Minister Sospeter Muhongo and his permanent secretary Eliakim Maswi.

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But it doesn’t stop there. The folks at Pew asked people how the climate in Washington made them feel about the future — optimistic or pessimistic — and the news wasn’t good. Even though voters last month decisively gave Republicans the power to run Congress for at least the next two years, no one’s all that optimistic, they don’t think the 2016 presidential election (or even the 2018 midterms) will fix the divisions, and they aren’t looking forward to how the discordwill affect their daily lives:

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The sale consists of the more than 4,000 patents still ownedby Rockstar Consortium, which was formed from the $4.5 billionpurchase of about 6,000 Nortel Network Corp patents in 2011following its bankruptcy.

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Pharmacy benefits companies like Express Scripts say they will cover an excluded medicine if that specific treatment is deemed medically necessary for a patient. Some groups have expressed concern that patient care might be compromised.

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We had to perform in front of the first team, and Sir Alex Ferguson. It was organised by the physio department and all done properly - I had to learn my lines, and the script took the mickey out of the senior players.

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As for the biscuits, that's even easier. In fact the chocolate crunchy sandwich used to be called the Creola, but sometime in the 1930s a product manager at Peek Freans - drawing no doubt on some vaguely remembered cultural reference - decided that the name Bourbon sounded, ooh, I don't know, a bit posher, a bit French, and a bit royal too.

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All of which is to say, it's strange that the Blueshirts (17-10-4) have played 31 games before their first meeting of the 2014-15 season with the Capitals, Tuesday night at the Garden. It's also fitting given their history that the rivals find themselves in a dead heat as Christmas approaches for the third and final automatic playoff seed in the Metropolitan Division.

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And, as he usually did, Argauer, ended up getting the best of Yarborough strategically. Wally Tabaka, one of his starting backfield players, had injured his knee when the team scrimmaged Lodi as preparation before they left. He wasn’t going to play so Argauer moved Grembowitz, his all-state guard, off the line and into the backfield. In addition, he put in a naked reverse, knowing that the fleet Stingarees would pursue as Babula kept running off tackle out of Garfield’s power-built single wing attack.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio empathized with the anger and frustration in the black and Hispanic communities. He used stop-and-frisk as a campaign issue. For some, including many cops, he came across as anti-police, and he further exacerbated that image by embracing Al Sharpton, a longtime police critic.