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Jan 10, 2015

The "fish fossil" looks like a trilobite fossil to me. We know that Mars originally had large bodies of water hundreds of millions of years ago. Perhaps life did develop there and reach the level found on Earth at that time before dying out with the loss of water on the planet's surface.

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On Tuesday, Pope Francis - who prayed at the West Bank barrier and called for an end to the "increasingly unacceptable" Palestinian-Israeli conflict when he visited the region in May - sent a message of solidarity to Christians in the Middle East.

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"The Americans" she said, her face lighting up as she clapped her hands over her head. "They're not scared anymore. I'm super happy because in my 67 years I never thought I would see diplomatic relations. And we think we're going to sell more, because this is just getting started."

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Saying "it would be dangerous for me to be out there," West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett announced on Friday that he will sit out of Monday's Liberty Bowl against Texas A&M because of concussions.

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The Rangers (17-10-4, 38 points) could slip back below Washington (16-10-6, 38 to fourth place in the Metropolitan Division before Tuesday night’s visit from the Capitals, who host Ottawa on Monday night.

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A retired Chinese general recently wrote about how he found the Democratic People's Republic of Korea tiresome: "China has cleaned up the DPRK's mess too many times. But it doesn't have to do that in the future."

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Irving, Texas-based Hanson produces building materials usedin residential and industrial construction, as well as water andtransportation infrastructure. It has 107 manufacturing plantsand eleven distribution facilities in North America and Britain.