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Jan 10, 2015

Garfield, named “The City of Champions” because of that team, sits snug along the Passaic River. George Washington once crossed there with his troops before the place ever had a name and it remained sleepy until the ready availability of power and the proximity to New York City attracted mostly German woolen manufacturers to the area.

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Furthermore, relations with Cuba are only a periphery issue to the broader Hispanic public, and the demographic’s growth in Florida is among Puerto Ricans, who are largely settling in the central part of the state around Orlando.

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Police say 11 people have now been arrested and charged with terrorism-related offences since the start of the campaign, which began soon after Australia's terror threat level was raised to "high" for the first time.

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So I don’t vote for Clemens, and for me it’s not about whether he was a Hall of Famer before he began using, seemingly after he left the Red Sox in 1997. Instead it’s about being asked by the Hall to consider character and integrity when voting, and my own view that getting elected is the highest honor a player can receive.