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Jan 10, 2015

"I said to myself, 'That's enough, there's a problem here,'" she added. "I hadn't done that route for very long but I knew an elderly woman lived there, so I went to the Town Hall to alert them."

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Sultry screen siren Lauren Bacall, who rose to fame in the 1940s opposite her husband Humphrey Bogart in films such as "To Have and Have Not" and "The Big Sleep," died on Aug. 12, 2014, at the age of 89.

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They also pointed out that some young people may smoke because they believe that the habit can suppress appetite and therefore help with weight loss. However, this is a myth, the researchers insisted, and in fact, people who smoke tend to crave more fatty foods than non-smokers.

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Overall, cancers of the breast, endometrium and colon account for almost three in four cancers linked to excess weight in women. Colon and kidney cancers account for two in three of all weight-related cancers in men.

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His main motivation might have been to “engender a settlement” among creditor factions over how to allocate more than $7 billion in sale proceeds between the U.S. and Canadian Nortel companies, according to Kevin Starke, a managing director at CRT Capital Group LLC.

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Mr Rogers is one of several security experts to question the use of The Interview as the obvious motive for the hack. It was not until the media made the link, Mr Rogers notes, that the hackers started mentioning the film.

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“Heart rate monitoring is likely to be the big thing in 2015 for most people looking at wearable technology,” said McIntyre. “It’s been around for the past couple of years, but it’s getting better, more affordable and has that cool factor, particularly around wristbands and watches.”

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According to the department, through the competition, it will try to generate knowledge about the state's diverse and increasingly threatened nongame wildlife and their habitats. People will be told about these animals in detail. As per the reports, each state-level winner's teacher and one parent will receive a free bald eagle license plate.

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No-one's suggesting you'll board a 737-H any time soon. The Cambridge boffins worked out that if you replaced the engines and fuel load of a commercial jet with electric motors and batteries you'd have enough energy for about 10 minutes of flight time, but hybrid engines could make sense as an economy measure.

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One of the most important steps you can take today is to set up your portfolio tracker on Zacks.com. Once you do, you'll be notified of major events affecting your stocks and/or funds with daily email alerts.

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The government recently unveiled reforms to the adoption and fostering systems - including changing the rules to allow children to stay with their foster families until they are 21, giving carers powers to make day-to-day decisions about children in their care, and making the assessment process clearer and quicker.

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While snow fell in some Midwestern states Tuesday — nearly 2 feet in South Dakota's Black Hills — a strong storm system expected to drop rain along the East Coast and snow from Missouri to Michigan developed in Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana, among other southern states. The National Weather Service issued tornado and flash flooding watches for portions of the Gulf region, while golf ball-sized hail fell in the small Mississippi community of Enterprise.

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The prequel to Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was an impressive game in its own right, dropping Snake into an army base sandbox that gave stealth gamers more options than they’ve ever had in an MGS game. The base was overflowing with things to do, with secret missions to undertake and Easter Eggs to discover, a unique brand of gameplay that blended the new of open worlds with the completionist feel of titles of yesteryear.

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The author need to learn how to use a calender. Quoting article "The rover celebrated his second Christmas on Mars last Thursday, having landed on the planet on November 2012. Last July, Mars Curiosity rover completed his first Martian year — 687 Earth days. This was also a fruitful year for alien research, after scientists discovered life-friendly lake beds on the red planet this year." Then it would have been on Mars December 2012, December 2013, and December 2014. That is three Christmases on Mars. Only two Earth years and one month.

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Producers insisted that she be grilled on the subject and another source says the interview with the "Julie and Julia" star was "cancelled at the last minute" when they couldn't agree on what questions she would be asked.

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However commenting on the matter, Fine Gael TD, Catherine Byrne said that she had spoken to the HSE area manager for Dublin South Central, who assured her that no child would be left without a service.


While 13 maternal deaths over four or five years might seem like a lot, he said specific circumstances were attached to each death and predicting maternal mortality rates was in many senses a 'lottery'. He pointed that over a 48 hour period in 2012 there were two maternal deaths at the Coombe Hospital.

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Usually, this means building a huge facility onshore which can purify the gas and then chill it so that it becomes a liquid - what's known as liquefied natural gas or LNG - making it 600 times smaller in volume and therefore far easier to transport by ship.

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Killen was interviewed by The Associated Press inside the Mississippi State Penitentiary, where he is serving a 60-year sentence; it was his first interview since his conviction on state charges of manslaughter in 2005, 41 years to the day after James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner were killed and buried in a red clay dam. An earlier trial in 1967, on federal charges, resulted in a mistrial.

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In finishing the OS and releasing most of the features that were promised at launch, Nintendo also figured out a clever way to give users something to do while the console started up. The Quick Launch menu on the Wii U GamePad made it easy for users to just jump straight into an app as soon as they hit the power key, and in many cases makes the console feel significantly faster than it actually is when it comes to booting and loading games. Quick Launch is a fantastic feature to have if the GamePad is your primary method of playing with the console, and it goes a long way towards making the Wii U feel nimble.

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How could he turn back now and keep Idzik and look him in the eye again? Johnson doesn’t need the last game of the season in Miami or the six days until Black Monday to finalize his decision on Ryan, who has been here six years but has missed the playoffs the last four, or Idzik, who has been over his head for the two years he’s been the GM.

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"It is biologically plausible, the placenta is there to ensure the foetus has optimal supply of nutrients, but if chemicals are entering the mother's body then the foetus will have access to those too.

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“When we started looking at the data at night over the United States, we were expecting to see a lot of stability in the nighttime lights,” explained Miguel Romn, a researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “We were really surprised to see this vibrant increase in activity during the holidays, particularly around the areas in the suburbs where you have a lot of single-family homes with a lot of yard space to put in lights.”

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In addition cheap surveillance devices - small GPS trackers, listening devices and cameras hidden inside books, lamps, plug sockets and carbon monoxide detectors, are freely available online despite some of them being illegal.

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The only brand-new copies we would ever see were gifts, or replacements for copies borrowed by friends and never returned. "It's my sixth copy. The others never came back," people would tell us, with a mixture of pride and resignation. We would write HAVE A NICE DOOMSDAY on their books. Or one of us would write BURN THIS BOOK and the other, when he got it, APPLY HOLY MATCH HERE.

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"We're three games in (with Rondo)," coach Rick Carlisle said after his team committed a season-high 20 turnovers. "Three games in four days. We've got more work to do. When you have a couple of games like we've had the last two nights it feels like you're light years away, but we're a lot closer than it feels. We've just got to stick with it."

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Shares of Apple Inc, the most valuable publiclytraded U.S. company, will finish higher for a sixth straightyear. With a current market value of about $663 billion, if onewere to pick a company that would be the first to hit $1trillion in value, Apple's a safe choice - but not next year,investors said. The iWatch, its latest product, may not beenough to propel the stock further.

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There were reasons to ask the Nets coach about Lopez, who is recovering from a back injury and came off the bench Tuesday night for the first time in more than six years. But with the way Mason Plumlee is playing these days, it’s easy to overlook the player he replaced in the lineup.

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There are, of course, others — and almost all of them were “spiked” for as long as possible for the benefit of the Democrats by their cheerleaders at the major metropolitan newspapers and the television networks who follow their lead. Instead of getting candidates to make a pledge to eschew negative campaigning, how about a media pledge to ensure honest reporting?

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After 2013’s ramen burger craze, we had high hopes for this rice burger stand, which opened over the summer in the East Village. But while filling options were enticing like the Tsukune ($7.75) — a chicken meatball with shishito peppers and scallion — the rice buns fell apart when we picked them up.

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"Clerks can stand in the doorway and try to block equality, or they can welcome gay couples who have waited for decades for this moment," said Nadine Smith, chief executive officer of Equality Florida, an advocacy group.

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In August of this year, the New York regulator finedStandard Chartered another $300 million after a monitor itappointed uncovered shortcomings in the automated monitoringsystems the bank relies on to detect money laundering and othercriminal activity.

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In August, Beijing rounded up Christian pastors and religious scholars in a national seminar with the edict that the Christian faith must be free of foreign influence but "adapt to China," a euphemism for obeying the Communist Party's rule.