Jan 10, 2015

Indeed, in a brief test using the Speed Test app on an iPad, we found that we got signals of up to nearly 4Mbps and even our lowest reading was 1.69Mbps. We've stayed in hotels and had to post onto Pocket-lint using slower Wi-Fi than that.

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Their tales, wired by satellite telephone to London, needed very little embellishment when they appeared on the Telegraph’s front page. Over the next three or four weeks, the stories would seem never-ending.

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As a result of the thin results, officials think that if there are bobcats on the island, they are small in number. However, there is also a chance that the lone bobcat captured in the pictures came from somewhere else, possibly walking up the5-mile causeway to Jekyll Island or swimming across the marsh. Bobcats were once thought to keep deer and raccoon populations on the island in check, but hunting in the late 19th century may have killed them off. Still, no matter how small the population, if bobcats are returning to the island, they could help solve the deer overpopulation problem officials have been battling as of late.

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The authorities take great pains to prevent citizens from accessing the internet. Recently, embassies in Pyongyang were told they could not have wifi networks within the building. It transpired that demand for neighbouring property had risen because residents there could get access to the embassies' wifi.

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“Our team is never going to quit while I’m the head football coach,” Central Michigan coach Dan Enos said. “We’ve got blue collar guys. They work. They’ve got great character. Football mirrors life. There’s adversity. There’s ups and downs. You get your butt kicked and you got to bounce back. That’s what these guys did. They battled back.”

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A Tesco spokesman said: “We note the Financial Reporting Council is launching an investigation into individuals and a member firm in relation to the preparation, approval and audit of our accounts for the last three years. We will provide support to the FRC’s investigation.”

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In a display of defiance, dozens of police officers turned their backs to de Blasio at the hospital where the officers died Saturday night, and Patrolman's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said the mayor had "blood on his hands" for enabling the protesters.

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The woman’s partner told the court he was the father of her children, and that she was again pregnant with him. He said she had been happy to be pregnant again, and they had even begun to discuss names.

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The group counts dozens of members, but it's impossible to know how broad its support is because many in the community conceal such opinions for fear of being ostracized. It has nearly 5,000 likes on Facebook, but not all of those are necessarily from ultra-Orthodox users.

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The high savings rate of Japanese firms is also why declining household savings hadn't noticeably affected the country's current account surplus - which measures the amount of money made investing from the rest of the world as well as trade - for a while.

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Russia's currency hit a new all-time low, due partly to the drop in the price of oil, its major export. The ruble's 12 percent fall on Dec. 15 alone was its biggest daily loss since the 1998 crisis. And oil's slide accelerated, taking Brent crude down almost 50 percent since June to a fresh five-year low.


Presiding at a hearing that raked New York City Housing Authority Chairwoman Shola Olatoye over the coals, Torres decried “the willful neglect of public housing on the part of our political leaders . . . as definitive a sign as any that black and brown lives are profoundly undervalued.”

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The Islamic Republic has some of the strictest controls on Internet access in the world, but its blocks on U.S.-based social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are routinely bypassed by tech-savvy Iranians using virtual private networks (VPNs).

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Usually, this means building a huge facility onshore which can purify the gas and then chill it so that it becomes a liquid - what's known as liquefied natural gas or LNG - making it 600 times smaller in volume and therefore far easier to transport by ship.

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Currently in Ireland, the public water supply is fluoridated - this means that just over 70% of the population uses it on a daily basis. The practice is considered controversial by some, with anti-fluoridation campaigners arguing that adding substances to the water supply amounts to mass medication, which they insist is unethical.

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“It’s not worth taking the risk. Drinking any amount of alcohol can affect your judgement and decision making, and if those decisions are made behind the wheel of a car they can have fatal consequences.

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Carnes said he would have had he known it would be problematic now. He said he went through a more than yearlong government background check that provided him with a certificate of rehabilitation, which was issued after he was sanctioned by the authority.

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Caban was patrolling at street level when he got word of the impending birth at about 6 p.m. from commuters exiting the subway. Officer Darrell James quickly joined him on the Market Frankford Line train after hearing an emergency announcement over radio.

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OPEC, whose 12 members supply about 40 percent of the world’s oil, decided at a Nov. 27 meeting to maintain its production target at 30 million barrels a day. The group pumped 30.56 million barrels a day in November, exceeding its target for a sixth straight month, a Bloomberg survey of companies, producers and analysts shows.

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Dr Diouf says Indian rulers trusted Africans and their skills. "It was true, especially in areas where hereditary authority was weak and there was ongoing instability due to struggles between factions like in the Deccan," she says.

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Almost 900 second primary smoking-associated cancers were diagnosed among the participants. Across the four different cancers assessed, those who smoked at least 20 cigarettes per day before their first cancer diagnosis were more likely to develop a second smoking-associated cancer. The risks were as follows:

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The relatives of those who survived the Battle of the River Plate will mark the 75th anniversary of the fight with events in Uruguay and Argentina, where the captain of the Graf Spee killed himself in 1939.

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Franco hailed the about-face as a "Victory," and was in a good enough mood to thank "President Obacco" — a tongue-in-cheek reference to the president's mangling of the actor's name in his speech on the controversy over "The Interview."

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Knicks: Madison Square Garden's Garden of Dreams Foundation gave the Curtis family of South Salem, New York, a new car Thursday morning. Knicks center Samuel Dalembert presented the 2015 Kia Soul to the family, which has struggled since Maria Curtis was involved in a car accident last spring, leaving her without transportation to take her three sons to music classes. The Garden of Dreams is also paying the insurance for the first two years.

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The British and Irish governments jointly presented a 75-point plan for progress to local leaders Tuesday afternoon at Stormont, the power-sharing center in east Belfast. It represented all that could be agreed following 11 weeks of negotiations.

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"Things we took for granted maybe a week or two ago we can't take for granted anymore," Centa said. "You may be in your car and see someone walking up the street toward you. You have to be prepared. You never know. It's a scary time for the police department right now."

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Wearing flashy jewelry, green sweatpants and a white t-shirt, Thomas walked toward his brand-new white Escalade when two white police officers approached him. What happened next is in dispute, but an altercation ensued, culminating in Thomas getting his head smashed against the hood of his car and then spun to the ground and put in handcuffs.

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Dyn said North Korea's Internet links were unstable on Monday and the country later went completely offline. Links were restored at 0146 GMT on Tuesday, and the possibilities for the outage could be attacks by individuals, a hardware failure, or even that it was done by North Korea itself, experts said.

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Jim Cowie, chief scientist at Dyn Research, said the intermittent nature of the outages suggested they were not due to a decision in North Korea or elsewhere to disconnect the Internet but could support the theory of cyber attacks - or power problems inside North Korea.

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"We've reminded the U.S. government that in its country they've given shelter to dozens and dozens of Cuban citizens," Vidal said. "Some of them accused of horrible crimes, some accused of terrorism, murder and kidnapping, and in every case the U.S. government has decided to welcome them."