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Jan 10, 2015

Multiple injuries — including Anthony's on-and-off knee woes, Andrea Bargnani's season-long absence and the more recent sidelining of Iman Shumpert (dislocated shoulder) — certainly have taken a toll in recent weeks.

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"When racial tension is so high, it does no good to suggest that the president of the U.S. himself stood in the way of progress a half-century ago. It flies in the face of history," Updegrove said.

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The free rein given to Shia militia by the Nouri al-Maliki regime in Iraq, leading to the torture and murder of thousands of Sunnis and Baathists, provided IS with ready support in Iraq's Sunni majority areas.

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"I guess for my first seven or eight years, I always played through ups and downs. But the last two years have been a little different because you play and you sit," Lundqvist said after Thursday's practice. "The way the schedule is now you have a week where you don't see a lot of action. You just have to focus a lot in practice and try to improve your game that way. In the long run that's good for me, it's just a different approach I guess."

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UK researchers looked at 1.3 million women aged between 50 and 64. The women were observed for over 10 years and the study found that after that time, those who started menstruating at the age of 13 had the lowest risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

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Crisis chief executive Jon Sparkes said: ‘Homelessness is a horrifying experience for anyone, but it is especially damaging for young people, who often become homeless again and again because they can’t get the help they need.

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"There are two stories here," Steven Broglio, the study's senior author and an associate professor in the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology, said in a statement. "First, the legislation works. The other story is that broad awareness of an injury has an equally important effect. We found large increases in states without legislation, showing that just general knowledge plays a huge part."

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In the gloom of a winter afternoon I walked round the whole outside length of the cathedral exterior to meet the dean, the Very Reverend Philip Buckler. He's the priest in charge of the whole place.

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Speaking of which I want you all to know how much I love the GD admin. These handpicked superstars are plucked from you guys, the best community in the world This means they are outright awesomesauce. They help free some of my time up so I can oversee the development of things, plan news item feeds, debug, arrange marketing and ads, map out competitions and interesting features with Jon. This appreciation always extends to my amazing admin who have come before our current team. They always have a place to call home here in GD Towers.

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With many people winding down for the rest of the month, the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust says that simple actions such as checking the medicine cabinet for a supply of the basics will help deal with minor illness through-out the holidays and into the new year.

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Similarly, when de Blasio cited his concern for his own son, Dante, as a young black man who may have to deal with the police, the mayor was again vilified: How dare he suggest that the cops are biased? This, too, was a bum rap. He was not saying the cops are bigots. He was saying that young black men are more likely to be stopped and roughly handled than young white ones. This was a father speaking.

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Nobody expected the 6-foot-1, 226-pound junior tailback to be back anyway. But there has never been a official word from the Bulldogs about Gurley’s future since he was lost for the season to an ACL injury against Auburn on Nov. 15.

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Last year, 71 cases of malaria were notified in Ireland, including 12 cases in children. Meanwhile worldwide, the disease was responsible for around 584,000 deaths, the majority of whom were children under the age of five.

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The new study can’t prove that more exercise extended the men's lives, but Bonn said it would be interesting to conduct a trial to measure the long-term and short-term effects of physical activity on prostate cancer.