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Jan 10, 2015

"Natasha has evidently gone through a very difficult period in her life. I'm sure no one would wish that sort of media storm on anybody. I hope she finds happiness in the future. The most charitable thing in putting that behind me is to say a prayer for her and wish her the best in the future."

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"My natural instinct with this is to be sceptical, and cautious. It's true that you can get reliable effects with devices like this in the laboratory, and in some ways they do seem to be able to 'enhance' performance, but the effects are generally quite small."

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Outrage over the claims of a North Korean attack fueled a patriotic show of support this past week for "The Interview," the comedy where Seth Rogen and James Franco play two reporters hired to take out North Korea's leader -- and helped bring it back to select theaters after Sony initially pulled it.

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They acknowledged that certain words, like ‘fat' and ‘heavy' are probably better not used. Instead, simply using the term ‘overweight' or ‘finding a better weight' should be considered.

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“Now the exuberance,” Coughlin adds, “if it goes too far, obviously, it is not a good thing. So we will continue to work with him... I want everyone to realize the quality of the young man, and not be offset by some of things that he has done.”