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Jan 10, 2015

The company, which rents out turbines and generators toovercome power shortages, suspended electricity generation inLibya last month pending completion of paperwork on a contractinstrumental in it turning a profit last year.

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Originally scheduled for October, the elections were pushed back to Dec. 16 as Liberia struggled to contain the Ebola epidemic, which has killed 3,376 people in the country according to the World Health Organization. Officials then pushed the polls back four more days to Saturday.

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"If everyone was physically active at least three times a week we would expect to see a drop in depression risk, not to mention the benefits for physical health, as pointed out by other research, including reduced obesity, heart disease and diabetes risk," added the study's senior author, Prof Chris Power of UCL.

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They had only taken the lead in two of their previous eight home league matches and were lucky to not fall behind in the fourth minute when Alderweireld's speculative looping shot hit the crossbar.

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Accusations that the now-dismantled stop-and-frisk program unfairly targeted minorities have given way to similar charges that the police heavily apply broken windows in black and Hispanic neighborhoods, resulting in disproportionate arrests of minorities and leading to charged and dangerous encounters.

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Gamers on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network experienced connection problems and delays on Christmas Day, one of the busiest times of the year for the video game industry. The majority of game and console sales are generated during the end-year holiday shopping season.

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"Federal law prohibits the possession and use of marijuana and its derivatives, and therefore its possession and use is incompatible with legal, responsible firearms ownership," said Tony Fabian, president of the Colorado State Shooting Association.

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Looking at the longer-term realized volatility in stocks and crude oil, there have been a number of times when the two have been completely unrelated, BGC Partners Inc equity derivatives strategist Jared Woodard said.

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Sweeney and his wife Lorraine, 69, and their granddaughter Erin McQuade, 18, were killed Monday when a city truck careened onto the sidewalk, striking a number of pedestrians, killing six and injuring 10.

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The crab was probably smuggled into Hawaii, and Yasui said he doesn’t think there are more out there. “Anything’s possible, but we haven’t had any reports recently, and because these species are very large, it would be kind of hard to miss.”

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But a thaw began in the 1990s as Cuba removed a constitutional clause declaring the country an officially atheist state. Pope John Paul II paid a momentous visit in 1998 and urged a new era of openness between Cuba and the world. After Benedict XVI visited in 2012, Cuba made Good Friday an official holiday.

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The NBA on Christmas Day has been a tradition dating back to 1947. This was the seventh consecutive year the league aired five games on the day, and the third time that all of its national networks (ABC, ESPN and TNT) aired games.

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However, after hearing an anti-immigration rant on the Tube, the Telegraph's Emma Barnett finds little to laugh about in Mr Farage's defence of a former candidate who quit after using the term "Chinky". "This isn't something to embrace or excuse," she writes. "This is an ill we must cure; our political leaders should set an example, not encourage the lowest common denominator to rejoice in their ignorance."

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"We also looked at the data in more detail to see which children are more likely to have a ‘longstanding illness, condition or disability'. We found that boys are 50% more likely than girls to have such conditions and children in the lowest socio-economic households are 50% more likely than those in other households to have such a condition," explained IPH research analyst, Steve Barron.

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I am really tired of bad science and what if's in blurry pictures. So far all aliens we have found on Mars are fossils. What about LIVE aliens that hide or spy on what we send? If they exist.? If they are real, what makes you think they will let us see them or their ancient remains? Unless of course they are no more advanced than us? Really? Blurry pictures and unused imagination are not a good mix. Don't you have something more valuable to do with your spare time, than send comments like this???

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Pete Seeger, the banjo-picking troubadour who sang for migrant workers, college students and star-struck presidents in a career that introduced generations of Americans to their folk music heritage, died on Jan. 27, 2014 at the age of 94.

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"Our computer modelling study shows that obesity is associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease (including heart disease and stroke) and diabetes that will, on average, dramatically reduce an individual's life expectancy and the healthy life years free from living with these chronic illnesses compared with people of normal weight," explained the study's lead author, Dr Steven Grover, of McGill University and McGill University Health Centre in Montreal.

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According to the study's lead author, Dr Katriina Whitaker, of University College London, while most people with potential warning signs do not have cancer, some do, while others ‘may have other diseases that would benefit from early attention'.

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"Serious health problems face us as a nation and yet both obesity and cardiovascular disease are largely preventable. Tackling these diseases is more than a matter of individual responsibility. Creating a supportive environment to empower individuals where they work or live is essential," commented IHF president, Prof Declan Sugrue.

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"For my family it's not difficult because my husband's one of the guides too," she adds. "When we have Christmas at my mum's in the evening, we really feel we've earned it."

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Chief Constable Jane Sawyers, the national policing lead for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, said: “Targeting someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity is totally unacceptable. This abuse affects people’s fundamental right to feel safe, secure and confident about themselves.

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Several infamous convicts and suspects in high-profile American cases live openly in Cuba, as are others convicted of less serious crimes. Among these are a woman convicted of killing a police officer four decades ago, a man sought for a 31-year-old armed robbery, airplane hijackers and dozens of people accused of Medicare and insurance fraud.

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12. Warwick Crop Centre, in Wellesbourne, hosts the UK Vegetable Genebank, preserving an internationally significant collection of seed samples from different vegetable varieties, including seed from more than 1,000 varieties of Brussels sprouts.

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In the 1950s the British began conducting Blue Streak Missile tests over the Western Desert region, and the Australian government decided to "round up" the desert nomads and move them into settlements. All of the Pintupi were taken away apart from this one family, which was overlooked. From then on, suddenly alone in the desert, they saw very few signs of anyone else's existence.

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There was 5:31 left in what would become the Knicks’ 16th loss in 17 games and they were threatening —cutting a deficit that had been 22 to 91-80 — when Acy stopped Wall on a drive with a hard foul that looked a lot like a football block, knocking the Wizards star to the floor. Wall got up and pushed Acy with his left hand, connecting with part of his face. Acy reared back as if to throw a righthanded punch but ended up with his arm behind Wall’s head, putting him in a sort of headlock.

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David Fairclough, assistant director of the Home Office immigration enforcement criminal investigations team, said: "This was an unsophisticated and brazen attempt to smuggle illegal immigrants into the UK.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — For as often as Democrats attack the conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch for their heavy spending on politics, it's actually the liberal-minded who shelled out the most cash on the just completed midterm elections.

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Crimea is controlled by Russia, but its only land link is with Ukraine and it has remained dependent on the Ukrainian mainland for most of its supplies, including much of its electricity and water. Ukraine already has banned sea and air traffic with Crimea, which is still serviced by Russian airlines.

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Like most German employers, he'll have to pay all his 74 staff at the four-star Ringhotel "Zum Stein" at least 8.50 euros an hour from Jan. 1 and he's worried about how this will impact business at the retreat 130 km (80 miles) southwest of Berlin.

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Members of Ireland's Traveller community tend to have higher rates of asthma and poorer control of the condition compared to the general population, however a new health initiative aims to tackle this problem.


Jefferson Crowther accepted the ball, telling the team about Welles’ football career with the Valley Cottage Indians, a Pop Warner outfit. His son was a strong safety, controlling the airspace in the secondary. Welles and his buddies were so small coaches called them “The Mosquito Defense.” They went undefeated and unscored upon one fall.

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The internet may be casting a growing shadow over the high street but at the Westfield centre, Collal Dawkins, 17, arrived at 4am with his friends because they thought the best bargains were still to be found in store: “Online is congested, online is sold out, online lies. “Do you know how many pairs of Jordans I tried to buy on Christmas Day, only to be told they had sold out?”

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A rapidly strengthening labor market and lower gasoline prices are boosting consumer outlays, which should help to cushion the economy from slowing growth in China and the euro zone, and a recession in Japan. It should also ensure sufficient momentum to keep the Federal Reserve on course to start raising interest rates by mid-2015.

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If buying for business or commercial use, you could establish a Mexican corporation, and then purchase your property through that corporation. However, this option is not allowed when purchasing property for use as a personal residence.

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Since there are communal eating areas andcommunal common rooms, people seem more willing to sit and chat at the end ofthe day. Access to the hostel kitchen can be another great money saver. Manyhostels also often offer a basic breakfast as part of your price.

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Nowitzki has averaged 25.7 points on 70.5 percent shooting in his last three matchups with the Pacific Division-worst Lakers. He's also just five points shy of tying Elvin Hayes for eighth on the NBA career scoring list.

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“I think his ability to maneuver in and out of situations, to adjust to some of the people who have been injured, and he’s compensated for the running backs situation, to a certain extent the wide receiver (position), the offensive line as we went through some changes,” Coughlin said. “Those are all interesting occurrences, but I think he’s done a good job and I think there’s been times when obviously there are things that he learned from and improved from and he’s done that.”

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Expect it to happen in 2015 (which is literally ten days away, so stop rioting). Thing is, are people really taking up the idea of paying things with your phone? Seems like most people are happy with the cash/card system we’ve already got.

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They go from village to village and treat anyone with the advanced stages of trachoma, a bacterial infection, before it causes irreversible blindness. Trachoma is common in children and the women who care for them. It is infectious and is spread by coming into direct contact with the discharge produced from the eyes or nose of an infected person through contaminated objects such as towels. Flies also transfer the bacteria from the discharge.

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By the end of this month most US combat troops will have left Afghanistan and returned home - adding to the hundreds of thousands of veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq already back in the United States.

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He made no mention of North Korea and could not verify messages posted by a Twitter user claiming responsibility for the attacks and demanding the shutdown of three ageing nuclear reactors by Thursday.

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Even though he didn’t come right out with it, Johnson dropped enough hints in a long conversation with the Daily News at the league meetings in Dallas that it didn’t take much to read between the lines.

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The best fighting game of them all returned with a vengeance. Nintendo did everything right when it brought this fighter to the Wii U, choosing just the right characters (yes, the Wii Fit Trainer has some cool moves), bringing a hearty dose of power-ups, and innovating in new ways in every level.

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OK, the story gets a bit too crazy at times, and the enemies can be bullet-sponge annoying. But when this game is at its best, it’s what survival-horror is all about, a tense experience that keeps you on your toes. And the cutscenes, wild as they are, are quite fun to watch.

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The Ukrainian parliament voted Tuesday to end the nation’s nonaligned status in the face of Russian aggression, angering Moscow and potentially opening the way to NATO membership in years to come.

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"He's meant so much to our success," manager Bruce Bochy said. "So much is talked about with our bullpen. Whether setting up or closing, I thought it was important for our team, for our bullpen. Sergio knows all of us, we know him, there's a sense of comfort there. We know what we're getting, a very good pitcher who's comfortable pitching late in the ballgame. I can't say enough about how he carried himself this year. I know we made a switch there. He was all about winning."

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In fact, Obama’s use of executive authority to tackle climate change — a central focus of his second term — may not merely offer a model for normalizing relations with Cuba, but a path toward doing so as well.

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"Well I think that there are still challenges presented by anonymous posting [APPS], these are steps in the right direction," said Matt Outlaw, superintendent of schools in Brandon, Mich., in an interview with Venture Beat. "Hopefully this will deter other people from using this application for things such as threats. I appreciate After School's effort to address the challenges that have been presented to schools."

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In this Oct. 22, 2014 photo, Michael Shaw, left, of Rushylvania, Ohio, and Gary Kesler, of Elida, Ohio, work on an Airstream travel trailer at the Airstream factory in Jackson Center, Ohio. Not only are the Airstream trailers still being built by hand at the same western Ohio site that has produced them for the past 60 years, but the company also can't roll them out of there fast enough to meet the demand these days. (AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)

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"I was scared. I was scared for a very long time," Rina said. "I always thought I was going to lose my father because I had lost everyone else. But you get over the fear. I'm not scared any more."

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Ford of Europe’s vice president for producr development Joe Bakaj said: “The new Focus ST delivers an even more sophisticated balance of performance, driving dynamics, refinement and style — the core of Ford’s Sports Technologies DNA.

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Meanwhile, South Korea, which remains technically at war with the North, said it could not rule out the involvement of its isolated neighbor in a cyberattack on its nuclear power plant operator. It said only non-critical data was stolen and operations were not at risk, but had asked for U.S. help in investigating.

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio implored protesters on Monday to wait until after the funerals of two policemen shot dead in an ambush before resuming rallies that have roiled the city and beyond over the deaths of black men at the hands of police.

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Express Scripts, the nation's largest pharmacy benefits manager, is putting pressure on drugmakers like Gilead Sciences and others to lower prices. Gilead shed $3.45, or 3.7 percent, to $89.45. Express Scripts rose $3.55, or 4.3 percent, to $85.88.

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According to Dr Maartje Luijk of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, these findings show that ‘there is an association between toddlers who share a bed with their parents at the age of two years and wheezing and asthma in later childhood'.

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None of these incidents were as damaging as the May 2010"flash crash." The most notable in 2014 came out of the bondmarket in mid-October, when 10-year Treasuries yields crashedmore than 0.3 percentage point without warning.

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Experts think it's unlikely, if indeed it was North Korea, that the country could have acted alone. Unnamed US officials quoted by Reuters said the US was considering that people operating out of China, with its considerable cyber-attack capability, may have been involved.

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Dairy giant Arla’s decision to cut the price of milk paid to producers has prompted an angry reaction from the National Farmers Union (NFU) and a plea to buy British dairy products over the Christmas period.

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"As previously indicated the Board, having taken external advice, submitted calculations to the pensions regulator which showed that all the sponsoring companies for the Coats plan were sufficiently resourced as at the relevant date," said Mike Clasper, the chairman of GPG.

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If employers were more willing to consider more flexible working hours and the number of women in full-time work increased by 5 percentage points, HM Treasury would be 700 million better off due to more tax revenues and lower benefit payments, the report informs.