SAPSN (Southern Africa)

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– un parrafo de descripcion de cada red. El link a la pag web
– Las Declaraciones de cada red que sacaron sobre integracion regional y alternativas, por ej. Declaraciones de SAPSN despues de SADC People’s Summit, patient o Declaraciones de HSA, o las Submissions to the Economic, Political and Security Pillar for ASEAN Charter que hizo ACSC 
O sea, aca van los docs claves que fueron elaborados por las mismas redes y que presentan alternativas regionales!

sapsnThe Southern African People’s Solidarity Network (SAPSN) is a network of civil society organizations from the Southern Africa region challenging globalization by promoting pro-people socio-economic policies at national, regional, continental and global levels.

SAPSN was formed in 1999 with its secretariat housed by South African-based Alternative Information Development Centre (AIDC) between 2000-2003 on a rotational basis. Since then, SAPSN Secretariat was hosted by ZIMCODD in Zimbabwe until 2011 when it moved to Malawi to be hosted by Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN).

Vision: SAPSN envisions economic, environmental, social and political equity and justice in Southern Africa.

Mission: To mobilize regional solidarity, build members’ capacities and support people-based regional co-operation, integration and unity in the fight against the debt crisis, global trade injustices and neo-liberal policies in Southern Africa.

Membership is drawn from civil society organizations, trade unions, faith based organizations, student bodies and economic justice networks working on capacity building around global trade injustices, poverty, the debt crisis and globalization as well as seeking alternatives to neo-liberalism in Southern Africa.

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